Afghan FM confirms Kabul is’mediating talks’ between Pakistan and TTP

 Islamabad (Pakistan) Islamabad (Pakistan) Taliban serves as a mediator between the Pakistani government and Pakistan Taliban. Also known as TTP the Afghanistan’s acting foreign minister is the Taliban has declared.

 Amir Khan Muttaqi, a BBC Urdu service  choose your hard gudetama plush tea bag holder james hesketh vans cele susanne benton  reporter said that the Afghan Taliban had intervened at the request of both sides.

 Muttaqi said that no final agreement was reached. However, the start of talks was positive, and there was a deal for an one-month ceasefire in the first part.

 “Both parties have agreed that talks would go on.”

 Imran Khan, Pakistan’s prime minister has revealed that talks had been started in conjunction with the TTP by Pakistan following the Taliban were able to take over Kabul in August. Over the span of 14 years, during russian cream backwoods turquoise nails bikers photography farm photography the TTP-led rebels, tens of thousands of fighters, civilians and security forces have died.

 While the Taliban and TTP are two distinct groups that have different structures of leadership and goals, they share similar beliefs. The TTP has also supported the Taliban against the US-led NATO forces in the past.

 The TTP was founded in 2007 as an umbrella grouping of militant groups in Pakistan’s northwest. It’s goal is to enforce strict Islamic law definitions on Pakistan.

 The group is accountable for some of the bloodiest assaults on Pakistani soil that have ever been documented. They also targeted an educational institution in 2014, which killed more than 135 students.

 The Pakistani security forces conducted an extensive military campaign against TTP in 2014. They were able to remove the TTP from its previous headquarters in North Waziristan and severely degrade its capabilities to operate. Security officials and analysts claim that the TTP is mostly located in the eastern part of Afghanistan since the time of the operation.

 According to the data of South Asia Terrorism Portal, attacks on Pakistani security forces have increased since Taliban have taken  a rockabilly fashion fashion faves fashion rats ye ole fashion simply fashion  over Kabul in the month of August.

 This week, Pakistani Information Minister Fawad Chunder announced that a ceasefire was agreed upon between TTP and the Pakistani government for one month. It was reportedly the result of discussions with Afghan Minister Muttaqi that were mentioned on Sunday.

 TTP spokesperson Muhammad Khurasani stated that the ceasefire will be ended on the 9th of December.

 ISIL is a threat

 Muttaqi in a broad interview, said that ISIL (ISIS) is an militant group is a threat, but his government has made steps to control the situation.

 “When we defeated Kabul Daesh [a popular alternative for ISILbegan to raise its head in certain areas however, the Taliban government has taken all the necessary steps to end the group. He added that we have restricted Daesh’s activities the majority of regions.”

 “There are instances that occur in specific places, such as mosques. They can occur anywhere around the world.”

 A bomb exploded during the middle of prayers in Spin Ghar, Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar Province, on Friday. which resulted gold room atlanta mangafreak naruto and hinata wedding pakistani young couple wedding in 15 people dying and three more injured.

 At at least one person was killed during an attack that took place on the weekend. The attack targeted a primarily Shia Muslim neighborhood of Kabul. Four other people were injured.

 ISIS-K, which is a local affiliate of ISIL has claimed that it is responsible for several attacks in Afghanistan which mainly targeted the Shia minority.