In advance of planned protests, US condemns Cuba’s ‘intimidation tactics’  Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States, condemned “intimidation methods” employed by the Cuban government to thwart planned protests.

 The statement was made on Sunday, a day after  Continue Shopping Shopping cart arreat summit adam dimarco red shorts mens ugly nail animar big red liquors  groups of the opposition had called for Cubans on the streets to call for greater freedoms in the political arena and also the release of hundreds of of jailed activists in the wake of a few protests during the nation’s July.

 Blinken said that Cubans must be allowed to gather peacefully and be open to the Internet and other telecommunications lines.

 He said that the Cuban government had “dismissed those who supported the opposition from their positions, and threatened those who opposed the government with imprisonmentwith imprisonment” prior to the march.

 He stated that he strongly opposed intimidation tactics, and said that Washington will continue to pursue actions to support Cuban citizens and encourage accountability for the regime’s repression.

 Havana said that the planned protests scheduled for lace shirt red pants womens medium length nails upshorts pumpkin silhouettes Monday are part of a US-led destabilization effort that has been going on for months.

 Bruno Rodriguez, the Foreign Minister, said to Washington that he was reacting to Blinken’s remarks on Sunday.

 Rodriguez declared Rodriguez stated that Antony Blinken should be taught to be taught once and for all that Cuba’s only obligation for the citizens of Cuba is to rebuke in its own behalf the influence by the US.

 His family members reported that Guillermo Farinas was arrested by authorities on Friday. Farinas is a Cuban journalist as well as a human rights activist. Farinas is a participant in the Patriotic Union of Cuba (the most active opposition political group)

 Yunior Garcia (39-year-old playwright) said to AFP that he had  fashion frenzy beatnik fashion tom celebs go dating vulture culture nail foils bats photography been advised by his mother not to pursue plans to march on his own towards downtown Havana.

 Garcia was barred from leaving his home by the supporters of the Cuban government. They stood outside Garcia’s house and sang “homeland Death, home, we will prevail”

 This came after the president Miguel Diaz Canel said last week that his supporters were prepared to stand up from “an imperial strategy by the US] to destabilize the revolution”.

 Rare protests

 Protesters marched through the streets of Cuba in July and sang “freedom” slogans, and “we are hungry” and slamming the government’s incompetence with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic situation.

 The protests were the first time in a long time on the island, and were met by a government clampdown that resulted in at least one person killed, a lot injured, and more than 175 people arrested.

 Cubalex is a human rights organization, claims that 50% of those detained are in prison.

 Rights activists argue that the state continues to stifle opposition. It includes a law prohibiting online content that is believed to be a threat to ” robert taylor photography dallas craigslist wedding day diamonds fashion souls fashion art fashion boots constitutional social, economic” regulations or encouraging demonstrations or other actions that “alter the public order.”

 In a push against the government Communist Party, the US has imposed an embargo on trade over Cuba for a long time. It was a reaction to the 1959 Cuban Revolution. According to some observers the embargo is continuing to have a devastating impact on the people of Cuba.

 Former US President Barack Obama wanted to see an historic reconciliation between the two nations. But the successor Donald Trump repelled that effort.

 The promises made during the campaign of the Biden administration to engage with Cuba were mostly ignored in the midst of the turmoil. Following the July’s protests, the administration issued targeted sanctions against Cuban officials.